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Fenrir the Mightyena by Winged-Leafeon
Fenrir the Mightyena
another Pokemon gijinka design drawn by :iconmr-tiaa:

Fenrir the Docile Mightyena

Fenrir was one of Dart's 1st ever pokemon he has captured on his journey when he was just a lil poochyena, as a poochyena he would always get in trouble and would always have a guilty look on his face, but he learned from his mistakes quickly and listened better when he got older, but when he evolved into a mightyena, he never grew out of being a puppy and always acted very childish and was always curious about things and what  his teammates were doing
Fenrir had a interesting attack when he was a poochyena where he would have sparks from his fangs and would always spook him now and then, but got used to it once he evolved.

He's really friendly with everyone and likes to play with others and bother them as well (since you know dogs do that XD) He likes to hang around Momizi alot and is always curious as to what she does in her spare time.

Fenrir the Mightyena gijinka belongs to me
art belongs to :iconmr-tiaa:
Momizi the Zangoose by Winged-Leafeon
Momizi the Zangoose
a cute reference picture of my Zangoose girl, Momizi drawn by :iconmr-tiaa:
(btw yes she's named after Momiji Inubashiri from touhou project)

Momizi is an Adamant Zangoose who likes to fight and gets very angry when you ask her or tell her any specific thing and she will throw a fit about it. but aside from that she gets along with everyone on the team, She stays around Reyson to protect him when his sister isnt around and spars with Orchia when she doesn't have anything to do. She battles with claw-gauntlets or claw knives in a battle and does tremendous damage to her foes, but due to her amazing offensive capilities, she leaves herself open due to getting close and personal in her opponents and she lets her guard down.
She's an Tengu in training and has amazing speed. Lee has taking a liking to her alot (prolly cuz of the sweater and that shes really cute) Momizi gets in alot of fights with Olympia mostly over Lee kinda fawning over her XD poor Lee, the one girl Olympia really hates Lee going toward or near XD


Momizi the Zangoose gijinka belongs to me
art belongs to :iconmr-tiaa:
You're a cute witch have a hug by Winged-Leafeon
You're a cute witch have a hug
a cute comission i got from :iconmr-tiaa: for one of my best friends :iconfenneklns:

my Delphox, Madeline, giving her delphox, Luna a surprise hug as luna seems very surprise to the hug from her X3
and madeline is giving such a cute grin to her reaction to it, i lovethis alot ;w;

art belongs to :iconmr-tiaa:
Madeline the Delphox belongs to me
Luna the Delphox belongs to :iconfenneklns:
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So i saw that Aquare opened up recruitment with prizes for final fantasy 145 a realm reborn, is anyone interested in trying out final fantasy 14 a realm reborn, all i need is email address, which you can PM me on here if you like, and i can send over a recruitment email to you so you can try out the game c:

if anyone is interested note me or write a comment in this journal, thank you!


United States
I'm the Holy Winged Leafeon.
(Together with Olympia, the Retro Espeon)

Favourite genre of music: Vocaloid and Touhou music and much more, mostly Anime music
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Personal Quote: Why create, knowing that'll be destroyed. Why cling to life, knowing that you have to die! None of it would have meant anything once you do...

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